Recording Samples

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Listening to the one-minute sound samples below requires Real Player. If you do not have Real Player installed on your computer, click on the Real Player logo above to download the FREE RealPlayer 8 BasicTM software. After you have installed this software on your computer, you’re ready to listen to the sound clips.

As you listen to these clips, remember that these sounds have been compressed in order to be played over the Internet using a 28K modem connection. Wait till you hear the CD version!

Virtual Orchestra: Gold Label Performance Series

Opera Aria Accompaniments

Diction Step: Melody and Diction Spoken on Separate Channels

The diction step allows for the singer to hear the intricacies of the language set against the melodic line. This step illustrates double consonants, long and short vowels, accents, and many other diction elements.

Diction demo from “Czardas” from the opera Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauß (Real Audio format)

Melody with Orchestra: Melody and Orchestra Tracks on Separate Channels

This step allows the singer to get used to singing with the less percussive sound of an orchestra by hearing a melody track with the orchestral accompaniment. The melody can be gradually turned down with the balance control as the singer gains confidence singing with the orchestral accompaniment.

Download O mio babbino caro (504K, MP3 format)

Orchestra in Stereo: Orchestra Played on Both Channels (No Melody Track)

The singer is now ready to sing with the orchestra in stereo, the acid test of his or her knowledge of the opera aria. Besides being an excellent coaching tool, Gold Label orchestral accompaniments have been used in recitals, movies, the Miss America program and professional sports stadiums.

Download Vesti la giubba sample (785K, MP3 format)


Choral Samples

The first sample, “Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen” has German diction with piano accompaniment, along with the target Tenor voice and the other three voices played softer. (548 K, WMA format)

The second sample, “Hallelujah Chorus” from the Messiah is with orchestral accompaniment in stereo. (531K, MP3 format)

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