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Antonín Dvořák: Gypsy Melodies

The Gypsy Songs cycle CD features Recitation, Repetition, Diction and Melody with Piano steps. This cycle is also available in German; click on German for more information. Music book provides Word-for-Word Translations under the original texts in the music and Line-by- Line Translations in the back of the book.


Má písen zas
Kterak trojhranec
A les je tichý
Kdyz mne stará matka
Struna naladěna
Siroké rukavy
Dejte klec jest ábu

A. Dvořák: Gypsy Melodies Czech CD and piano/vocal music book: $29.90

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A. Dvořák: Gypsy Melodies Czech CD only: $22.95

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Dvořák: Gypsy Melodies Czech music book only: $11.95

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