Gold Label Orchestral Collections

CDs include Diction step, Melody with Orchestra, Orchestra in Stereo and Word-for-Word Translation. CD collections feature four to five arias per CD. Orchestral accompaniments have been created using the Virtual Orchestra; click on About the Virtual Orchestra to find out more about our unique, interactive state-of-the-art Virtual Orchestra system.

The Gold Label Performance Series features a virtual orchestral accompaniment of operatic arias which has been faithfully created from the operatic score. The orchestral sounds are digitally sampled sounds of real orchestral instruments and have been blended masterfully by sound designer Michael Fissolo and conductor Dietrich Erbelding to give a realistic orchestral blend.

On Gold Label orchestral CDs, the Orchestra in Stereo step features the orchestra recorded in stereo with no added vocal line, making it perfect for performance use. The Diction step features the words of the aria spoken in rhythm against the melody played by a flute. The Melody with Orchestra step features the orchestral accompaniment played on one channel and a flute playing the vocal line on the other channel in the usual Pocket Coach format; this step assists the singer with the timing of fermatas or cadenzas. A Word-for-Word Translation is included with the CD which can also serve as a prompting tool.

With these orchestral accompaniments, you can prepare to sing with orchestra and perform for friends, recitals and in places where there is no real orchestra available, where your performance can make a real difference in someone’s life. Great for accompanying karaoke singing.